J Sbu is just not that into her: how to end a relationship

J Sbu is just not that into her: how to end a relationship

Honesty is the best policy... or is it?

Ghosting J Sbu
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To ghost or not to ghost, that is the question...

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No one likes a break-up. No matter how long the actual relationship part was, from one month to one year, it just sucks.

What if you weren't even officially dating yet? Can you even call it a breakup? 

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Probably not, but if a person is showing interest and you're not reciprocating the same feelings, then you should probably break it off.

You don't want to keep this person occupied if you know you're never going to feel the same way about them as they feel about you! Leading someone on is unfair and cruel.

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But it might also be just as difficult having to do the actual rejecting as it is dealing with the rejection.

How do you tell them, "hey, I'm just not that into you" or, "I think we would be better as friends" without sounding too rude and mean?

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In today's digital age, you can start and stop a relationship with one click of a button, and avoiding uncomfortable and awkward situations is easier than ever.

No need for The Talk or any talk at all if you decide to ghost someone. 

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In case you are not familiar with the biggest relationship trend of the last decade, ghosting, according to Urban Dictionary, is: When a person cuts off all communication with their friends or the person they're dating, with zero warning or notice beforehand. You'll mostly see them avoiding friend's phone calls, social media and avoiding them in public.

Many people believe ghosting is the coward's way out.

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Our very own J Sbu has previously found himself in a situation where he had to break some bad news to an admirer.

While he enjoys the person's company and thinks they're a lovely individual, he just wasn't looking for anything serious but he's scared of breaking her heart!

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Unfortunately, J Sbu made some startling revelations that have left the women of KZN, including Stacey, in complete shock.

Like mouth on the floor, gobsmacked, flabbergasted, SHOCKED.

Apparently, his method of dealing with these situations is "the best" but there are a few people who disagree...

In case you need some more breakup advice, Psychology Today has some great tips for doing the deed:

  1. Break up in person!
  2. Be honest about your feelings and take responsibility for your decision
  3. Be certain about your reason(s) for breaking up and be clear
  4. Make a clean break - no more contact, no social media stalking, no late-night calls
  5. Don't break up in public
  6. Don't offer false hope

At the end of the day, no matter how bad you think it might be, just do it in person!

There is never a good enough reason to justify a text, email or Facebook post.

And if you are going through the most right now after being rejected by a lover, partner or crush, then you should add this movie to your weekend must-watch list:

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