WATCH: Local pregnant freediver swims with pregnant sharks

WATCH: Local pregnant freediver swims with pregnant sharks

This is not your average baby shower!

Beth Neale Pregnant Freedive
One Breath Beth/YouTube

Beth 'The Mermaid' Neale is a 4-time South African Freedive Champion and has a love for the ocean that runs deep, literally.

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Although she is originally from Johannesburg, she is now based in Clansthal.

She finds it hard to choose a favourite diving site but if she had to she says Sodwana Bay is her ultimate fave.

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With so many scuba dives and freediving sessions under her belt, it is also hard for her to choose her best experience under the water.

But this one has to be pretty close to taking the top spot.

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Beth and her partner, Miles, a Canadian who is also a freediver, have been filming their television series 'Freediving Diaries' which follows them as they go on incredible underwater adventures in the Maldives, Mozambique and, obviously, South Africa.

They decided to film their series finale right here in KwaZulu-Natal’s very own UNESCO World Heritage Site, iSimangaliso Wetland Park.

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Not only is this episode special because it marks the end of their first season, but it will also give audiences a chance to see super-rare footage.

While filming their finale, Beth was able to experience an astonishing maternal moment with a group of ragged-tooth sharks.

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The park serves as a sanctuary and safe space for these sharks during their pregnancy and birth. Every year they return to these shores to ensure the continuation of their species so it's extremely important to keep this park protected.

Beth was lucky enough to swim alongside these animals while being pregnant herself and now she will be able to look back on this "bonding" experience for many years to come.

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Beth and her husband are also very vocal advocates for the conservation and preservation of nature and more specifically the ocean.

The conservation status of the ragged-tooth sharks still remains vulnerable meaning they very much need to be protected and there can always be more awareness raised for these types of causes, which is what this couple is hoping to achieve through their series.

You can catch the season finale of 'Freediving Diaries', which is airing on Friday, 14 May on People's Weather (DStv Channel 180) at 6 pm.

Want to catch up on all your favourite duo's best moments? Listen to everything #StaceyAndJSbu below:

Main image courtesy of One Breath Beth/YouTube

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