SEE: Internet reacts to woman calling out men over 40 for using WhatsApp calls

SEE: Internet reacts to woman calling out men over 40 for using WhatsApp calls

Did anyone else know that WhatsApp calling had an age limit?

No WhatsApp calls for men over 40

In the digital age, we currently find ourselves in; you can make calls from almost any social media app.

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You can even call someone from Facebook, where we used to post cringe-worthy birthday messages on our friend's wall or poke people.

So it only makes sense that making calls would be a feature that is included on a messaging app that solely focuses on helping you communicate with people... like WhatsApp.

Now we all know that seeing as WhatsApp calls work with Wi-Fi or data, it can sometimes be a bit shaky, but WhatsApp has come a long way with improving the service, and now most people like to use it, especially when you have access to Wi-Fi, and you do not have to use your airtime.

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Even though we are in the year 2021 and Wi-Fi calling makes so much more sense than buying airtime, according to Bontlefeela Mogoye, this does not matter, and you should know that if you are a man over the age of 40, you should not be making WhatsApp phone calls.

A bold claim, but she took to Twitter and said what she said:

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As expected the responses came flooding in and it sparked a massive debate.

Should men over a certain age be using WhatsApp call or is there an age restriction we should know about?

Funny enough quite a few women agreed with her:

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But many more people, men and women, had some major issues with her statement and they made a few valid points:

It seems like Twitter has finally found something they can agree on and unite against - age restrictions on WhatsApp calls!

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