Do you talk to yourself out loud?

Do you talk to yourself out loud?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with you if you talk to yourself out loud, but there's a distinct difference between talking to yourself and mumbling...

Self confident woman pointing a finger at her reflection in the mirror
Self confident woman pointing a finger at her reflection in the mirror/iStock/@miss_j

Traditionally, people who talk out loud to themselves are said to be mentally ill. A stereotype that we would prefer to leave behind. 

Many people who are of sound mind and body talk out loud to themselves, there's no harm or shame in it. It's a natural part of life for some and yet others who are not familiar with the concept might find it odd. 

"This habit often begins in childhood, and it can become second nature pretty easily. Even if you don’t see anything wrong with talking to yourself (and you shouldn’t!), you might wonder what others think, especially if you often catch yourself musing aloud at work or in the grocery store." (HealthLine)

There is nothing weird or unusual about talking to yourself. If we have to come up with the biggest pro, we don't know of a better person to talk to than yourself. 

If you are concerned about talking to yourself, thinking that it may be strange for people around you, then there are ways to curb it. 

According to HealthLine, talking to yourself (self-directed speech) is a completely normal habit and can benefit you in several ways. For one, it can help you find things. For instance, saying a grocery-listed item out loud in a store can help you locate it more easily. 


Other benefits of self-directed speech include: 

  • It can help you stay focused
  • It can help motivate you
  • It can help you process difficult feelings (HealthLine)

If you are a self-talker then try to keep it positive. Pay attention to what you are saying, the content you speak of might help you examine your feelings. 

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