Woman cancels Alexa for speaking out of turn

Woman cancels Alexa for speaking out of turn

Alexa kept talking to her husband without being called upon...

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Artificial Intelligence, specifically voice assistants such as Amazon's Alexa, came into our lives with the guise of making our lives easier. 

However, some believe that artificial intelligence comes at a cost. 

The cost is that allowing these apps and assistants into your life may also put your private life on display for everyone.  

This is what one woman has claimed was happening to her and her husband. She shared a video on TikTok talking about her experience with her Alexa. 

She said that her Alexa began talking without her asking for any assistance. 

Alexa began chatting to her husband late one night while he was gaming. This caused them to evict Alexa from their home. 

Watch the video she shared on TikTok below. 

@cozylifewithbless alexa is officially evicted from our place! @Amazon Home ♬ original sound - jess

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Her video had more than 1.5-million views but many people disagreed with her logic. 

When you sign up with your digital assistant you are prompted to agree to certain conditions such as voice recognition. Many people commented on this saying that she must have agreed to certain things when signing up and forgot. 

What surprised us was when one person commented, saying: "It saved my mom when she fell and didn't have her cell with her. It heard her calling for help, asked if she needed help and called me."

Check out some other comments below: 

  • "You have to teach Alexa your voice. Mine has asked many times and we’ve never set it up.. so yeah you did that babe" 
  • "When you set the Alexa up it is set up on your Amazon account that has your name on it. Ther is nothing strange going on."
  • "I also Caught my Alexa at 3:00am whispering to my dogs in the kitchen. I thought someone was in the house. I unplugged it."

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