This woman is breaking stereotypes in China

This woman is breaking stereotypes in China

When the locals compliment you on your Mandarin then you know you are good...

A beautiful black woman with curly hair
A beautiful black woman with curly hair/YouTube Screenshot/@Mandarinblackbabyqueen2002

A young African student named Rosie living in China has shocked social media users with her fluent Mandarin. 

It comes as no surprise to us that she is breaking stereotypes about Africa in China. 

Surprisingly, in this day and age when information is so readily available to us, many people in China, like many people in South Africa and Africa, are not aware that there is a world outside of their surroundings. 

Rosie, who goes by the username, BabyQueen, has received an abundance of interest from people from all around the world. 

All of them were impressed with her ability to speak Mandarin so fluently. She not only has the pronunciations down to a T, but she also has the mannerisms that go with the language. 

One day as she was dining out, she came across an eatery with an elderly Chinese native. This woman was so impressed with her speaking ability that she kept questioning her. Surprisingly, the woman was confused about her skin colour and her hair, wondering where she was from. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@ababyqueen This chinese aunt was so adorable haha #foryou #babyqueen #blackinchina #speakingchinese #viral #foryoupage ♬ original sound - 思玲babyqueen


All the questions on her TikTok page have encouraged her to start her own YouTube channel and help people who want to learn how to speak Mandarin. 

She tells everyone that she learnt how to speak, write, and read the language in the space of a year. It is possible, we believe this because it's not the first African that we have heard speaking in Mandarin. 

Last year we saw a South African singer learn to sing in Mandarin

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