Confession: "I want to break up with my girlfriend but I feel bad"

Confession: "I want to break up with my girlfriend but I feel bad"

This has got to be an awkward situation to be in, but as the saying goes, honesty is the best policy. 

Couple holding pieces of a broken heart symbol
Couple holding pieces of a broken heart symbol/iStock/@LightFieldStudios

Someone has a confession to make...

Every week we release a confession on the streets of Mzansi and get KZN to weigh in with their unfiltered thoughts.

This week we are addressing a boyfriend's confession about wanting to break up with his girlfriend.  

This week's confession says: 

"I want to break up with my girlfriend in fact I've wanted to break up with her for the past year or so just not been brave enough to do it! It's her birthday in 2 weeks and we've already booked tickets to go on a holiday for her birthday so I feel really bad for doing it. Should I wait it out till after or just do it right away. I feel like I'm lying to her every day I stay with her because I 100% don't see a future with her! What should I do? Please help Tyron!" 

It's a tough situation to be in considering she doesn't know how he truly feels. Being honest in a relationship is high on the list as a requirement for most people. 

But being honest and hurting someone is always tricky to steer through. We guess it's like a band-aid - would you rather rip it off and feel the pain instantly or pull it off slowly and experience the agonising pain for a longer time?

All relationships have their ups and downs, but if one person is not in it for the long run, then you cannot force love. 

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