Couple celebrating anniversary interrupted by nudist cruise

Couple celebrating anniversary interrupted by nudist cruise

A romantic dinner quickly took a completely unexpected turn...

Couple anniversary dinner interrupted by nudist cruise

When one imagines a romantic dinner, one might think of flowers, candles, mood music, and an upper-class restaurant with good food.

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You get the picture.

And maybe, just maybe, there might be a little bit of sexual tension between you and your partner.

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What there hopefully shouldn't be is sexual tension between you, your partner, and anyone else just cruising by.

Or a scenario that is even worse - you and your partner are fully clothed and enjoying dinner but there is a group of naked people in your line of sight.

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Now, don't get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with the human body and you should feel free to embrace your body any way you like. Our only suggestion would be to do it in a place where an unsuspecting bystander won't get the shock of their life.

Like one couple who had their anniversary meal interrupted by nudists by the boatload. Literally.

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John Wood and his wife were having a lovely dinner at the River Exe Café, a 'floating gastro shed' in Devon, England.

The restaurant does say they specialise in 'dining with a difference', but no one could have prepared them for this.

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Just as they tucked into their meals, a nudist cruise pulled up beside them and they were greeted, quite enthusiastically, by a group of naked strangers.

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Apparently, the boat belongs to The Torbay Sun Club, which is a naturist swim and social club.

The club was founded all the way back in 1976 and John and his wife had just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time as the Club's annual Nude Cruise came drifting by.

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On their site, they explain why people are interested in naturism:

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While most of us are trying to get bikini-body-ready for the fast-approaching summer, it seems like the residents of Devon are just body-ready!

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