UPDATE: Methi aunty' shares how KZN unrests affected her business

UPDATE: Methi aunty' shares how KZN unrests affected her business

Unemployment was never an option for Lalitha Neesha Kanayee, so she started farming...

Lalitha Neesha Kanayee
Lalitha Neesha Kanayee/Facebook

Following the looting and violence in the province and hot spots of Phoenix and Chatsworth, we contacted her to get an update on how she is doing.

Previously we spoke to Lalitha when we just discovered her business and we were moved by her life story, which you can catch up on right here:

Times have been tough and Lalitha has had almost every obstacle thrown her way.

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The 46-year-old mom of two lives in Seven Tanks near the Silverglen Nature Reserve in Chatsworth where the community is made up of all kinds of small-scale farmers.

After finishing school she got married and started a family.

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But soon she was faced with her first stumbling block when her husband was convicted of murder and was sentenced to jail, where he is still currently serving his sentence.

She told IOL that he took care of the family and life became increasingly hard as they had no income. So she did what anyone would do and started job hunting. She did many odd jobs, cleaned homes and eventually became a waitress. But unfortunately, she had lost that job and not long after her health took a turn for the worse.

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Lalitha suffered three heart attacks, underwent triple heart bypass surgery, and applied for a disability grant. Although the grant application was successful, it was not enough to support her family.

She thought back to when she was a child. When she was in primary school, Lalitha wanted to learn how to farm while her sister learned how to cook. With the help of her grandfather, Nandlall Pardesy, and father, Ramkissoon Nandlall, she quickly learned how to prepare the soil for planting, how to plant, water, care for, and harvest the crops.

Lalitha Neesha
Lalitha Neesha Kanayee/Facebook

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With the skills she had acquired as a child, she decided to put them to use and started growing methi herbs near a river that runs close to her house. She had decided on this specific type of herb because they grow so quickly (six days in the summer and ten days in winter), but it is still a challenge for her considering her heart condition.

She sells her harvest three times a week and the rest of the week she plants the seeds for the new batch.

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What has really helped her grow her business is social media!

Lalitha Neesha herbs
Lalitha Neesha Kanayee/Facebook

After Lalitha's story was shared online, there were some unfortunate comments made by a few commentators, Stacey and J Sbu managed to contact her for her reaction. 

Listen to the podcast below: 

You can find Lalitha and her herbs near the A5 shop in Chatsworth.

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Main image courtesy of Lalitha Neesha Kanayee/Facebook

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