Coke Zero is making a MAJOR change and consumers are worried

Coke Zero is making a MAJOR change and consumers are worried

They say change is as good as a holiday, but what if we don't like going on holiday?

Coke zero recipe change

Well fine, we might love vacation time but you get our point - humans don't like change.

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Especially when we are so set in our ways and know exactly how we like our things, especially if these things have remained the same for years and years and years.

Why change it now?

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We have had to say goodbye to so many of our favourite products like just the other day when we said farewell to Lay's Salt and Vinegar chips and the beloved Chocolate Log.

And even if these products did stay but their flavours were only slightly altered, there might have been an even bigger falling out and they would still cease to exist.

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This is what happened to Coca-Cola when they tried to introduce 'New Coke'.


Coca-Cola company products are sold in over 200 countries worldwide and has an estimated brand value of $71-billion, but even a company as massive as Coca-Cola has to listen when their customers and consumers are unhappy.

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And 'New Coke' made them all unhappy.

Here's a quick history lesson in case you didn't know: in 1985, the company introduced 'New Coke' which featured an updated recipe of the classic carbonated beverage. It was the first formula change in 99 years and it did not sit well with Coke fans.

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One outraged fan was even quoted by The Washington Post as saying:

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'New Coke' was a complete failure and was soon forgotten.

Until now.

Coca-Cola has once again announced that it will be altering one of its signature recipes:

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And just like you would imagine, the Coke Zero fans are not having it.

Here are just a few of the responses including a scathing remark by the official Pepsi account:

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Although not available for sale all around the world just yet, it seems like a few countries have been able to taste-test the new Coke Zero and there aren't a lot of fans.

Clearly, the public has spoken and they've already made up their minds.

Will Coca-Cola listen? Or will Coke Light and regular Coke be next?

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