WATCH: Man jumps off roof to escape police

WATCH: Man jumps off roof to escape police

This is no action-movie-scene and there was no safety net.

Man jumps off roof to escape police
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They say desperate times call for desperate measures but surely most of the time there is still some kind of planning happening with these decisions.

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However, sometimes you've just run out of time and there's nothing to do but follow your gut instinct.

Like an unidentified man in the UK who had the police hot and his tail and so he did the only thing, he could think of.

So he jumped off a roof.

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The West Midlands recently received a tip-off and decided to investigate further.

They headed to a property in Walsall and discovered 70 cannabis plants but while they were preoccupied the suspect made his escape.

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While they continued conducting their search the suspect climbed out onto the roof from inside the house.

A nearby eye-witness was able to capture the drama unfold and in the video, you can see the man standing on the roof.

As he did so the police gathered down below on the street but soon he slips, launches off of the roof, dislodges a few roof tiles and lets out quite a scream.

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After the man hit the ground, narrowly avoiding a police officer, they approach him and tell him to "stay down".

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The clear lesson here is: do not try this at home and crime is bad!

If you avoid doing bad things you won't have to jump off any roofs any time soon.

Or ever...

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