Local woman dumped by boyfriend's mother who claimed he'd passed away

Local woman dumped by boyfriend's mother who claimed he'd passed away

And the award for "Worst Break-Up Ever" goes to...

Mother breaks up with son's girlfriend claims he's dead

The mother-in-law relationship is one of the most well-known and infamous.

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While many consider it to be an age-old myth, many girlfriends, fiances, and wives have claimed that there is truth to the legend and mothers-in-law are the worst of the worst.

There are even entire movies and series based on this belief that any significant other's mother will despise you and make your life miserable no matter what you do.

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As many of us can confirm, it has been greatly over-exaggerated.

Most of the time...

One person who was not lucky enough to escape the future mother-in-law's wrath is Twitter user @lisa_maliee.

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While some people might not be able to handle a physical, face-to-face break-up and then choose to use a different medium - phone or email, they usually still have the guts to do it themselves.

Not Lisa's ex-boyfriend. While it's unclear whether or not this boyfriend instigated the break-up and needed a helping hand, one thing is clear, it was dramatic.

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Taking to social media, Lisa explained that the 21st of July 2021 was the anniversary of the day her boyfriend's mother called her and informed her that her son, Lisa's lover, was involved in a car accident and that he had died on the scene of the crash.

Adding insult to injury, she also told Lisa she would not be invited to the funeral because the couple was not married.

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And just when you think this heartbreaking story could not get any worse, it does because as it turns out, this was all part of an elaborate lie to break off the relationship.

Read the full tweet below:

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Unbelievable, right?

Well, that is what the general consensus was after many read the tweet.

It does seem like an awful lot of effort for a break-up and many also want to know what Lisa might have done to deserve such an extravagant lie.

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While most of us would want to move on as quickly as possible, Lisa found the situation too strange to just let it go after facing the ghost of boyfriend's past.

After spotting her former partner, she decided to take matters into her own hands:

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Is it all one big elaborate lie? Possibly.

Even though the drama is quite entertaining, we do hope that no one has ever had to actually experience a break-up like this.

Hopefully, Lisa will find her one true love soon.

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