AKA and Cruz Vodka part ways

AKA and Cruz Vodka part ways

The rapper has faced major backlash over the last few weeks and the effects are starting to show...

AKA and Cruz

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AKA has been making headlines all week and not for his music. 

In a span of seven days, he has been surrounded by major controversy stemming from the death of his fiancé Anele Tembe. 

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On Monday, this week news publications ran exclusive reports with the following video and pictures of AKA and the late Anele which caused an uproar on social media. 

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This leading to rumours swirling about possible physical abuse between the two. 

In one of the videos that seemingly was taken by AKA, he is heard saying: " You have somebody here under the influence who tried to jump off the building", about a distraught Anele who is on tape laying on the ground with her hands over her head. 

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AKA is also heard insinuating that Anele has a drug problem. 

The rapper still maintains that he is innocent and that even though his relationship with Anele was not without, they both loved each other deeply. 

Since the wildfire spread of the videos and pictures, many organisations have launched campaigns that call for the industry and brands to either mute the rapper's music or disassociate themselves from AKA until the investigation into Anele's death is concluded. 

An organisation called 'Women For Change' calls for AKA's music to be muted who opposes gender-based violence. 

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News coming in today is that AKA and the Vodka brand, Cruz have decided to pause their partnership amid the public scrutiny and backlash that is on the back end of the leaked videos of  him fighting with his late girlfriend, Anele. 

AKA had been working with the alcohol brand for years, he also has his own range of alcohol in his own name under them. 

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