WATCH: YouTube opens a 10-year-old note for first time

WATCH: YouTuber opens a 10-year-old note for first time

What could the mysterious note reveal?

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Cherry Pie Man/YouTube

Remember the good old days where you would secretly try to write notes during class?

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You couldn't let the teacher find out you were passing notes or you might have to face the humiliation of having it read out loud in front of the whole class! 

Before the age of cellphones, talking to your friends took real innovation.

Take this friendship, as an example.

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While most of us have probably gotten rid of any handwritten notes from our school days, one YouTuber received a very special note that he has held on to all these years!

What makes this note so special?

YouTuber Cherry Pie Man (real name unknown) uploaded a video on his channel where he showed off the note which had very specific instructions.

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The note was written a whole decade ago and Cherry has kept it all these years, waiting patiently for the day he could open it up and read its contents.

Watch the video below to see what his friend had written 10 years ago:

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Many commenters had a lot to say about the note, but most people agreed with a comment left by YouTube itself, which said that Cherry should track down the original writer and write his own reply.

As it turns out, the two had remained friends and even opened the note together!

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Now, are you confused by the contents of the message? Why would this person only write the word 'Wassup'?

The catchphrase "Wassup?!" became incredibly popular in the early 2000s when Budweiser created an advertisement that featured a group of friends talking on the phone while enjoying a beer.

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The original ad (seen below) was actually based on a short film, 'True', that was created by Charles Stone III and after making its way around the film festival circuit, it caught the attention of some important people at Budweiser, who signed Stone and so the "Wassup?!" campaign was born.

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The entire campaign, which consisted of multiple varying versions of the original "Wassup" ad even went on to claim a spot in the CLIO Hall of Fame (The Clio Awards are like the Academy Awards of advertising).

But it doesn't end there.

Just last year, Budweiser Canada decided to collaborate with Uber and released a brand new, modern-day version of the original "Wassup" ad.

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The new advertisement features a bunch of technological gadgets and after just watching the original, it makes you realise how incredibly different things are now compared to just 20 years ago.

Would you ever have thought that you would be able to talk to an object that just sits in your kitchen and that it would be able to talk back?!

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Will Budweiser revive "Wassup?!" in the year 2040? Will the ad of the future even still be produced on this planet?

Who knows, we'll just have to wait and see...

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Main image courtesy of Cherry Pie Man/YouTube

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