WATCH: A home cook has figured out the KFC secret recipe

WATCH: A home cook has figured out the KFC secret recipe

We know what finger lickin' dish we're making this weekend!

KFC recipe

KFC has one of the most iconic and delicious chicken recipes known to man.

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There is no doubt about it. It is one of the most popular food chains in the world and for good reason.

Their secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices has been making our mouths water for decades. Naturally, people have also been trying to uncover the secrets that are held within these battered beauties... but to no avail.

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Many "100% real recipes" have made it online, with former employees leaking the ingredients on social media and a family member of Colonel Sanders allegedly also showing off a handwritten recipe in a scrapbook that seemed like the real thing.


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While these recipes have gotten KFC-lovers closer to the real thing, it has never been quite the same.

Until now. 

Jessica Nguyen, a self-taught cook, has done what foodies and bloggers before her have not been able to.

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After months and months of recipe developing, researching techniques, trial and error, she has mastered the KFC secret recipe.

And she has shared it with all of us!

KFC recipe spices

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You can find her perfectly crafted home-made "KFC" chicken recipe below:

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Jennifer did admit that no one would ever really be able to recreate how the mass-produced KFC chicken is made, but this recipe is just what you need for any small-scale, family meal situation.

We will never be able to thank Jennifer enough. Her commitment to helping the fried-chicken-loving eaters of the world achieve greatness in their own homes is such an inspiration.

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