Learn how to pronounce isiZulu surnames!

Learn how to pronounce isiZulu surnames!

No matter what someone tells you, our names are an important part of our identity...

isizulu surnames

Last week, uThisha Sky Tshabalala taught the class how to pronounce isiZulu place names.

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It proved to be a huge success, with many of the students thanking Sky for this very helpful class!

But they want even more.

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Apparently, people have been struggling with some isiZulu surnames as well (Although we do have to note that there will always be surnames people find difficult to pronounce no matter what the language).

Seeing as someone's name is quite an important part of their identity, we wouldn't want to insult anyone by getting it wrong. Learning how to correctly pronounce someone's name is the least you can do and is just common human decency really.

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Asking the person might make things a bit awkward, so Sky is here to help!

Listen to the class below to make sure you never mispronounce someone's name again:


With the second class of the week it was all lights, camera, action!

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When you are in pairs or a group, one of you could take a nice picture but that would mean that someone is always left out of the photo. 

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The solution? Learn how to ask someone for help without having to worry about a language barrier!

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If you are eager to learn even more or if you just want to catch-up on a few lessons, you can find ALL of the Khuluma Nathi podcasts right here:

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