Keri Miller's birthday surprise was an epic fail

Keri Miller's birthday surprise was an epic fail

Today is a very special day: Sky Tshabalala finally received his belated birthday gift!

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Birthdays can get tricky.

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Not everyone enjoys celebrating their birthday, especially if they are no longer celebrating the Sweet 16, 18th, or 21st birthdays.

While people might have different, conflicting feelings about becoming older, a birthday is still a very special day. It marks another year of life and one should always be grateful for making it another 365 days around the sun.

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Some individuals are also lucky enough to have their birthdate fall on the same day as another type of celebration like Christmas, Halloween, or even New Year's Eve. Just like Sky!

If you didn't know: Sky's birthday is the 31st of December.

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Now, last year, the team was busy doing the New Year's Eve show on East Coast Radio and had a New Year/birthday celebration while they were in studio, but they forgot to get Sky an actual gift.

Turns out this team is terrible at remembering things like that.

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No worries though - Sky was super chill about the situation and the team promised to get him a birthday present soon, but there was a twist. 

They would be surprising him on a day that he least expected it...

That brings us to today. Aka Keri Miller's birthday.

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It's been almost two years since Keri has been able to properly celebrate her birthday, seeing as it fell right in the midst of the initial strict lockdown last year. There was no way the team could spend the day with her doing something fun or really giving her the celebration she deserves, seeing as they couldn't even leave the house.

Seeing as last year wasn't the most exciting birthday, Keri has REALLY gotten her hopes up about her 2021 birthday.

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But why are we mentioning Sky's day on Keri's day?

Did everyone really forget about Keri?

Will she ever forgive them?

Why doesn't anybody set birthday reminders so that these types of situations can be avoided?!

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Listen to the full podcast below to find out what exactly went down in studio today and all your questions will be answered:

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