WATCH: Woman embarrassed after seeing what she looked like on a date

WATCH: Woman embarrassed after seeing what she looked like on a date

Hopefully, in this case, love was blind...

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The pandemic and the daily mask-wearing have proven to be challenging in many aspects.

One of these challenges has been wearing make-up.

Since half of your face is covered and any make-up underneath the mask will eventually rub off on it, one would rather just not wear any lipstick, foundation, etc. This could be a little bit of a relief. But on the other hand, girls, women, and all lipstick-wearers miss the days of feeling glam.

Especially on a date.

You are always looking to put your best foot forward and showcase your best qualities to your potential lover so, obviously, a little make-up might be called for.

Although Emily Tedford had to learn the hard way that you should maybe stick to more neutral lip colours or make sure to do a quick check regularly.

Emily took to TikTok to jump on a "remembering when I..."-trend where people share some of their most embarrassing memories.

Hers involved some bright lipstick, a potential boyfriend, and one wild ride.

She captioned the video, "im still recovering".

Now watch the video below so you can understand why she thinks this date was a complete disaster:


im still recovering

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As it turns out, her pink lipstick, which is hard to miss, had been smudged all over her chin and stayed there throughout the whole day.

But people had so many questions!

Did he talk to her again or did he ghost her?

Why did he not think to tell her that her lipstick had smeared?

Luckily for followers of this story arc, the answers have been provided. Not only have the two stayed in touch, but we also found out why this man felt no need to tell her about her make-up disaster:


Reply to @giddyups 🧈 🪰 s

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The most asked question though had to be: "How were you taking photos and videos and didn't notice yourself?"


Reply to @kaytrued call me kissing kate barlow 💄

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While there have been worse date disasters, we are very happy to see that the story did have a happy ending!

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Main image courtesy of @etedford1/TikTok

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