WATCH: We loved these legendary moments on Darren, Keri and Sky this week

WATCH: We loved these legendary moments on Darren, Keri and Sky this week

Nothing tops the trolley dashes! 

Grace DKS trolley dash

Have we ever let you down in terms of epic radio moments? The answer is a strong "No", right? Good. Now, we just want to put this specific moments in one place for you to re-enjoy! 

Monday started off with our chat with a world class and acclaimed kitesurfer born in Umhlanga. 

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That is the skilled, Josh Emmanuel, who we were able to chat to as continues to compete in the international Redbull competition for the title of 'King of The Air 2021'. 

For those who don't know what kitesurfing looks like, here it is: 

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He made it to the semi-finals of the competition and informed us on how the experience was, especially after not competing for a year because of COVID-19. 

Take a listen here 

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We hope that he brings that title home and returns to studio to share the victory with us. 

So we moved from one legend to another - Anant Singh. 

He is the producer of the award-winning films, Sarafina! and Yesterday, among a few. He has a released a memoir of his life as an artist highlighting the moments during apartheid and the evolution into this era. 

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He had a chat with Darren about what to expect in the book

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So all aspiring creative curious about what it means to break boundaries in the film industry, get your hands on that. 

Then we had our moment from The Big Favour that left KZN Gogo, *Didi speechless and emotional. 

She was permanently injured by her legs in an accident 15 years ago. Being wheelchair-bound has been limiting for her and her opportunities. Her daughter then nominated her for The Big Favour to receive a new wheelchair as the one she had had been 7 years old and tired. 

But *Didi had no comprehension of what was happening as she arrived to the station. Take a listen 

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After a chef from Ballito, Chris Kruger, went missing for over 24 hours he was lucking found by one Prem Balram and his team from the Reaction Unit South Africa in Durban. 

The Pilot In Command joined us and detailed their journey trying to find Kruger and the condition in which they found him. 

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Then Friday came and we head an outside broadcast at Hillcrest's Oxford Freshmarket; what a fun morning! 

To add onto their amazing SuperFresh Black Friday they had they had 2 trolley dashes for two lucky winners. 

The first winner was Grace and this is how it went. 

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The final trolley dash was also featured on-air. What an epic radio moment with the winner Jeremy. 

Take a listen 

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So that sealed our week of amazing moments with people who are doing amazing things, changing lives and people who made the show's highlights. 

We hope you enjoyed these as much as we did! 


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