WATCH: The cast of the new film, New Material, had us in stitches this morning

WATCH: The cast of New Material had Darren Keri & Sky in stitches

Three comedians, one movie - magic! 

New Material cast join DKS

If you are a lover of South African comedy, you will definitely enjoy this new production featuring some of the top comedians in the country. 

They joined Darren, Keri and Sky on Wednesday morning, sharing all the scoop on the new, highly-anticipated film, New Material. 

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If you have not watched the first film, Material, yet then we definitely suggest you jump on that!. 

For now, here is the exciting trailer for the new film, New Material:

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What we love about South African produced films is that they will be world-class and they will win awards. The first film received multiple national awards for the acting and production: 

  1. Golden Horn Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film: Vincent Ebrahim 
  2. Golden Horn Award for Best Actor in a Feature Film: Riaad Moosa 
  3. Golden Horn Award for Best Achievement in Directing in a Feature Film: Craig Freimond 
  4. Golden Horn Award for Best Achievement in Sound Design in a Feature Film: Charlotte Buys 
  5. Golden Horn Award for Best Feature Film: T.O.M. Pictures

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Some of us will relate to this movie, especially if you have the pressures of 'joining the family business'. 

As Cassim follows his passion for comedy and branches into the field regardless of his father's dreams for him to work at the family's fabric shop, challenges force him to make stern decisions that will affect not only him - but his family as well. 

Can you see why we love South African films? 

A film to enjoy with family and friends these holidays - it premieres on 26 November 2021. 


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