INSPIRING: Durban skater girl inspires girlhood of skaters

Durban skater girl inspires girlhood of skaters

Asiphe (Molly) Tseeke, a young Durbanite skater girl, is turning heads with her approach to positivity and finding a creative outlet...

Durban skater girl inspires other girls
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We love hearing positive stories in general, but when it's one of our own, then we get even more excited and our hearts are filled with a sense of pride. 

We heard about this young woman skating her way into positivity recently and wanted to highlight her attitude. Asiphe (Molly) Tseeke, is an 18-year-old skater girl, like Avril, you know the song, and she is turning heads when it comes to the way people view skateboarding. 

Asiphe is part of the Girls Skate Durban (GSD) organisation and became a skater last year after coming to the skate park in Durban and watching her brother skate. 

The GSD is an organisation that encourages female skateboarding and aims to create a safe space for skaters around the province. Asiphe was welcomed into the organisation by other female skaters; Bexx Sneddon, Carmen Gee, and Chantal Graaff. 

"They were so welcoming and even organised me my first-ever skateboard and it is like being part of a family that is always rooting for and supporting you which is so amazing. They’ve helped me gain confidence in my abilities and offered their advice which I’ve found beneficial. We’ve even done a few skate camps in and around Durban,” she explained to Berea Mail.

She wants to strongly influence other girls, especially girls from rural areas to join the GSD and the skating world. She feels like it will create a sisterhood for them. She spoke about the untapped talent that exists in rural areas and how she would love for the sport to grow, with more females joining the skateboarding world. 

Asiphe shared that skating allows her to destress. She literally feels like after every fall there was a lesson for her, and that sounds so inspiring to us. It is a journey, a metaphor for life, each time you fall, you pick yourself up and learn from that fall. 

How symbolic of her to share that analogy. It means something when a local girl is heading for greatness. We are proud that she is taking steps to encourage the youth to join a positive and uplifting organisation. A sisterhood of skater girls! 

Watch a video by the Northglen News (Video Courtesy of YouTube): 

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