WATCH: Sky went through the biggest life change in 2021

WATCH: Sky went through the biggest life change in 2021

This is the #BestOf2021. We now look forward to the arrival of 'Baby Archie'! 

Sky with baby shoes

It has truly been one of the biggest transitional years for our Sky Tshabalala! At the very beginning of the year, he would have never imagined he'd be a dad-to-be in December 2021. 

The year started out really tough for our Sky Tshabalala as someone extremely dear to him passed on.

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COVID-19 took the lives of so many people - one of those people was our Sky Tshabalala's dear mother. 

Having to continue being strong and showing up for yourself during a time like that is extremely draining and hard. 

Nonetheless, he joined us back on the show sharing a heartfelt message for all the frontline workers who had been putting their lives on the line during the intense wave of COVID-19. 

Take a listen:

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In June, Sky embarked on a journey he had never gone through EVER! 

He was to be completely sober for the whole of June. We called it 'Dry June'.

As he embarked on the journey, every week we called the people he was closest with to check if he was sticking to his word. 

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So it turned out he was doing this with Clarise. 

After a rugby game that saw him get injured, we called his rugby coach to find out if he sneaked one in.  

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When he was almost at the end of his journey, he so badly wanted to have one drink at a friend's birthday party which was happening before the month came to an end. We got a hold of Clarise who had a question for Sky as he shared this with Darren and Keri. 

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So, all in all our boy successfully completed his Dry June! No cheating, no sneaking a cold one in, nothing. 

Two months later, we were about to share the biggest announcement ever with KZN listeners. 

Even Darren and Keri were not aware of it. 

Have a look at the shock: 

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So the next question on the parents' minds was whether they are welcoming a baby boy or girl. 

We shared the new with the rest of KZN live on-air. 

Take a listen:

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So this is where he started to plan for certain extra mural activities, sneakers, sports etc. 

February 2022 the little one arrives and our dear sports presenter was curious if he would be getting leave. Wait, paid leave...

Have a listen as we spoke to a legal expert in the field to tell us how this works in South Africa.

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So, we guess we shall see whether he shows up to work a few days after Baby Archie's arrival or not. 

The year started off on a sad note for our Mshengu, but there has been something to look forward to every day since the pregnancy news! 



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