Who will be the next James Bond? Sky is easily a contender...

Who will be the next James Bond? Sky is easily a contender...

With Daniel Craig having made his final appearance in the latest 007 film, here are the actors (and personalities) who might take on the role next.

The James Bond contenders

Some would argue that the 007 films are an acquired taste, that's fine. But the leading characters are undeniably handsome every time. Daniel Craig has played the MI6 character for the longest time - more than 15 years. 

He has also been voted the best James Bond actor, which is why there is a lot of pressure for whoever who will take over the role.

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So, in the meantime, we've put together a list of the favourite and most-rumoured actors to play Bond. You might also see a very familiar and South African face here. Hold tight. 

Henry Cavill
The 38-year-old actor is currently the star of 'The Witcher'. He was asked about playing the James Bond role and he responded: "I think it would be very exciting to have a conversation with the producers. In an ideal world, I'd never have to turn anything down. Nothing is off the table. It's an honour to even be part of that conversation."

The actor certainly has the physique and the experience of playing intense characters to be a great Bond. He's also got the stamina of a soldier from his days of playing 'Superman'.

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Rege-Jean Page


Having a black actor play the next James Bond would definitely be a game changer. 

This Bridgerton actor definitely stole the hearts of so many viewers with his performance in the Netflix series. Simon Bassett possesses the handsome looks, the talent, and the gentlemanly manor. 

Question is whether he is tough and experienced enough as an actor for the 007 role...

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Idris Elba

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He never disappoint in a character he plays. 

Word is that his role in the film Luther, indicated his range as an actor, therefore making him an extremely favourable contender for  James Bond.

His experience as an actor definitely qualifies him for this role, too. 

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James Norton

James Norton

The 36-year-old is known for his roles in War & Peace and McMafia, and fans think he's got what it takes to be the next Bond.

Whoever the next James Bond may be, they naturally need to reflect modern Britain and bring some diversity to the role. 

"I'm a type one diabetic. How cool would it be to have a diabetic Bond?" he shared with Metro.

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Sky Tshabalala

Sky Tshabalala 007

Our very own Sky Tshabalala! 

If you have met the sports presenter in person, you will know how knightly he is - an absolute gentleman. 

The father-to-be can also do multiple accents, which puts him in the perfect position to play the role should he need to do an American or British accent, even the Australian accent. 

His physique, his handsome looks, and his talent put him on a similar level as the above actors, no? 


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