WATCH: Millions of spiders are trying to climb up the water spout

WATCH: Millions of spiders are trying to climb up the water spout

Just when we thought the wildlife in Australia couldn't get any more WILD.

Itsy Bitsy spider

WARNING: Arachnophobes look away. Now.

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If you are scared of spiders or have a phobia of the eight-legged creatures then you have to be incredibly thankful that you are not in New South Wales (NSW), Australia right now.

The area has recently been subjected to record flooding and as if the devastation caused by these floods isn't enough already, the residents now have to deal with the wildlife that is trying to survive as well.

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NSW residents have started taking videos and pictures of almost apocalyptic scenes as thousands and thousands of spiders (and other creepy crawlies) are making their way to higher ground in hopes of escaping the massive amounts of water surging through the state.

Matt Lovenfosse, a NSW resident, shared his footage with the local media after he realised huge amounts of spiders were gathering on his property as the water of a nearby creek continued to rise:

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The Guardian Australia posted a video showing a compilation of eyewitness footage and it might just be the most terrifying thing we've seen all year:

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Although anyone's initial reaction would be the same as stated in the tweet below, experts and arachnologists are telling Australians not to worry - which might be easier said than done...

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Dr Lizzy Lowe also spoke to The Guardian Australia and said that people should please avoid killing any spiders (again, instinct would tell us otherwise) since they are a crucial part of the ecosystem and that people should be just as concerned about saving spiders as they are about the more cuddly creatures like koalas.

While this is true, we still can't help the heebie-jeebies we feel looking at these videos.

We might never be able to look at a tiny house spider the same way again!

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Main image courtesy of @ScepticalAussie/Twitter

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