Surfer reunited with lost surfboard after four years and 2,700km apart

Surfer reunited with lost surfboard after four years and 2,700km apart

They say if you love something set it free, and if it comes back to you, then it's yours - and there's clearly no getting rid of this surfboard!

Danny Griffiths surfer

There truly is no feeling like reuniting with a loved one.

That irreplaceable sense of familiarity you get when you are once again in the presence of someone who means a lot to you.

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Now everyone knows surfers have a special relationship with their surfboards.

It makes sense, seeing as it's the one thing carrying you safely to shore and it, quite literally, can keep you afloat and your head above water.

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That's why it can be pretty devastating and heartbreaking for a surfer to be parted with his favourite board.

Although given the circumstances, that usually only occurs when the board has been destroyed to the point of no return.

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However, a surfer losing his board completely isn't something that happens too often.

In 2017, Danny Griffiths, a surfer from the island of Tasmania, was enjoying his time in the waves when he wiped out and was separated from his board.

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He was surfing at Pedra Branca, which is off the coast of Tasmania, when it happened.

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He explained to ABC Hobart that he was parted from his beloved board and they spent hours on jetskis looking for it, but came up empty-handed. 

Usually, surfboards can be easily spotted because of their bright colours, but they had no such luck.

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Danny had always wondered where his board might have ended up and, incredibly enough, the mystery was solved after four whole years!

After an estimated 16 months of drifting aimlessly at sea, the lost board was picked up at Magnetic Island, near northern Queensland, Australia, by a pair of fishermen.

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They tried their best to find the owner on social media but had no luck and decided to keep it up for display in their home.

Their parents had recently taken a trip to Tasmania and completely by chance, while talking to some locals, they mentioned that their sons had found a surfboard.

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Danny isn't the only one surprised by this turn of events.

Physical oceanographer Edward Doddridge, from the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, said that it was quite surprising but explained that there is a big current that goes along the eastern coast of Australia and that is probably the route that the board had taken.

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It will obviously never be known how and which way the board traveled, but it seems like it must have moved right past New Zealand.

The two will hopefully be reunited soon.

We just can't help but wonder what incredible stories that surfboard would tell if it could... 

Did we just come up with a new Pixar movie idea?

Main image courtesy of @abchobart/Instagram

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