Donald Trump is launching his own social media platform

Donald Trump is launching his own social media platform

Trump has been banned from every major social media platform but in very typical Donald fashion, he's trying to find a loophole.

Donald Trump Social Media

The former president of the United States was a social media wildcard.

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Everyone was waiting in constant anticipation and fear to see what ludicrous and irrational thoughts would be spilling from his fingers.

It took social media giants long enough, but finally, after enough non-sensical Trump tweets had been published, they decided to ban the man.

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It started with Twitter, but the other platforms soon followed suit, and our timelines have never been so chill.

However, it seems like the peace we have known for a few months will be coming to an end soon.

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Jason Miller, longtime spokesperson and advisor for Trump's 2020 campaign spoke told Howard Kurtz, host of 'MediaBuzz' on Fox News, that Trump would be returning to social media soon.

As per usual, there is a typical Trump twist - he is not returning to any existing social media platform instead he is choosing to start his own!

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According to Miller, there are multiple companies interested in helping Trump launch his new platform.

The platform is expected to be up in two to three months.

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While we have some mixed feelings about Trump's return to the social media streets, we have to admit, the curiosity is getting the better of us...

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