Taiwanese citizens are changing their names to 'salmon'

Taiwanese citizens are changing their names to 'salmon'

Some people enjoy salmon, others love salmon, and then you get the people who would be willing to change their entire identity for a piece of salmon!


We need to eat to survive.

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Food is sustenance and although you may be able to go a few days before you completely starve, why would you want to?

Food can also mean so much more. It brings people together and can remind us of times spent with our loved ones, like family dinners and the holidays.

And it's just plain GOOD.


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Some people would go as far as to say eating is one of their favourite past times and there is an entire section of the blogosphere and television industry dedicated to it!

Most of us also have that one dish we just can't say no to whether it be curry, shisa nyama, pizza, pasta, or just your mother's homecooked meals.

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As it turns out, some people are willing to go the EXTRA mile for their favourite food.

If you ever get to visit Taiwan, you might want to stop by a local Japanese sushi restaurant called Akindo Sushiro, because their sushi is so delicious people are willing to change their name for it!

Or the real reason might be because of the promotion they had been running for two days.

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With this promotion, the chain advertised that anyone whose legal name is 'Salmon' (guiyu, 鮭魚), would receive free meals for their entire table from the 17th of March until the 18th! Simultaneously, they had a promo running for people with homophobic names, who could enjoy meals for half price and those with only one homophobic character could receive 10% off.

Naturally, this led to people legally changing their names to 'Salmon'.

The household registration offices across Taiwan have been flooded with name change requests and by 15h00 on the 17th, 28 people had been able to claim their free meals, and a total of 1,000 people had made use of these promotions.

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By late afternoon, New Taipei City and Kaohsiung had 26 people with the new name, Taichung had 22, and Tainan and Taoyuan had 14 each.

Many of the Salmons have spoken to media outlets, with one student saying she changed her name to Kuo "Salmon Rice Bowl" (郭鮭魚丼飯) just to treat her friends to a meal. Now that's the kind of best friend we need!

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But participants were not only focusing on changing their names to 'Salmon', other challenges were also being set, and completed, such as the person who changed their name to "Chen loves Taiwan, abalone, tuna, salmon, snow crab, sea urchin, scallop, lobster and beef, Mayfull, Palais de Chine, Regent, Hilton, Caesar Park, Hotel Royal" which set a new record for the name with the most characters at a comfortable 36.

Unfortunately for some, the change might be more permanent.

A student named Chang was so eager to get his free sushi, he too changed his name and ended up choosing "Chang Salmon Dream".

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As he received his ID, he was shocked to find out he had reached his name changing limit (which is three in Taiwan) and would now be stuck with 'Salmon Dream' for life.


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While this does seem a little bit much for some free meals, you have to hand it to these people, the dedication is incredible.

Hopefully, one day, when Chang finds a significant other, he'll be their Salmon Dream come true.

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