Intruder in Johnny Depp's home took a shower and refused to leave

Intruder in Johnny Depp's home took a shower and refused to leave

Poor Johnny just can't catch a break.

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Unfortunately, this is not the first time, nor the last time, some stranger has made their way into the home of a celebrity.

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It's not even the first time someone has broken into Johnny Depp's house this year! However, the circumstances surrounding this particular incident are pretty unique.

Whether these intruders are just looking for a place to crash or are seriously stalking their idols, some celebs have really found themselves in strange situations involving random individuals in their homes.

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And even though they might try to keep their address as secret as possible, it won't remain hidden for long (unlike the name of the trendy and expensive Hidden Hills neighbourhood would suggest.)

Popular entertainment tabloid TMZ recently reported that Depp has had another unwelcome visitor enter his home.

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According to the police, they were called to the scene after a neighbour reported a stranger hanging out in their backyard near their pool, and when confronted, they had hopped the fence, getting closer to Johnny's home.

When his security team realised someone had entered the house, they contacted the local authorities.

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But this is where things get even more interesting.

Upon arrival, the police confronted the man, locked in one of Johnny's bathrooms because he took a shower.

The man then refused to come out willingly, and the police were forced to kick down the bathroom door to arrest the man.

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The police soon discovered that the man had not only taken a shower but that's had also helped himself to the actor's liquor stash and made himself a drink while making himself at home.

Luckily the actor was not home at the time, and the intruder was charged with felony vandalism.

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We all know Johnny Depp has been having a tough time recently as he is dealing with his own legal struggles; his career has taken a knock. His 2021 kicked off with some serious drama when a woman broke into his home and was arrested for attempted burglary.

Clearly, Johnny isn't getting any privacy and peace in 2021, but maybe, 2022 will be his year?

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