Sorry Not Sorry: Black Coffee refuses to apologise after tweet about child with albinism

Sorry Not Sorry: Black Coffee refuses to apologise after tweet about child with albinism

The DJ and producer stood his ground after being attacked for his 'insensitive' response.

Black Coffee
Black Coffee/ Instagram

Trolling on social media, where do we draw the line? Do we take the gloves off or are some topics off the table?

This was, and still is the debate on Twitter after an unsettling exchange between Black Coffee and a fan on Friday. 

It all started when the 'SBCNCSLY' hitmaker took a swipe at SA Twitter for the savagery this week when his love life came under the spotlight - this after UK reality star Alexandra Cane tagged him in a post, saying: "Ready for a caffeine overdose." The tweet had social media drawing the conclusion that the reality star is the new woman in the producer's life, therefore pitting her against Enhle Mlotshwa - his ex-wife.

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Sarcastically responding to the comments on Friday, the DJ wanted to know who or what was on the agenda; implying that Twitter users are judgemental and can't mind their business.

"Let's play Twitter, who's trending today, who's falling, who are we trolling, who's marriage are we having opinions on, who's trash who's not, who are we cancelling, like God who are we judging, who's relationship is falling apart while ours is perfect, who's not perfect. Let's all laugh at him," he wrote. 

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SA twitter responded, but one response, in particular, got under Black Coffee's skin. The twitter user, who has since deleted her tweet, wanted to know if he misses his ex-wife and requested that he provide tips on how he got over her. 

In response, the 'Wish you are here' hitmaker asked how she'd feel if someone made fun of her child with albinism. His reply caused a stir - with many labelling the DJ "insensitive." 

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Not backing down, however, Coffee made it clear that he will not apologise because he was defending himself from a troll. 

Was Black Coffee wrong or does he have the right to retaliate whichever way he sees fit?

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IMAGE CREDIT: Black Coffee/ Instagram

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