WATCH: The Kiffness addresses the ANC in new parody song

WATCH: The Kiffness addresses the ANC in new parody song

The Kiffness is frustrated with the ANC and has decided to take out all the frustration in a song.

The Kiffness
Facebook/ The Kiffness

Like many South Africans who have been expressing their frustration on social media, The Kiffness is raging with anger after allegations surfaced that the ruling party looted relief funds during the pandemic.

David Scott of The Kiffness addresses this matter, the alcohol ban, and others in a new parody song to the ANC.

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“We don't need your administration. We don't need your drug control. You've left a chasm in the country. Leeches leave those funds alone ... all in all Mzansi is just sick of it all,” the lyrics go.

The song, which is a parody of 'Another Brick in the Wall' by English band Pink Floyd, has garnered over 47,000 views in two days on YouTube. The Kiffness also shared the song on social media, where is has been viewed over 30,000 times on Twitter.

Watch the video below:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Facebook/The Kiffness

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