Word on the street: Black Coffee allegedly has a new Girlfriend and she's HOT!

This just in: Black Coffee allegedly has a new Girlfriend

It seems Black Coffee has moved on from his relationship with his wife actress, Mbali Mlotshwa and social media has been in a tails spin. 

Alexandra Cane
Twitter Screenshot

Social media has been abuzz after rumors have surfaced that Black Coffee has a new girlfriend and she is a whole flame. 

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This all after a very beautiful lady called Alexandra Cane tweeted and tagged him on a tweet saying: "Ready for a caffeine overdose" alongside a picture of her by a staircase. 

South African's were just shocked that he found himself a catch so quickly after his recent divorce battle with Enhle Mbali.

But it also said that Enhle, recently shared that she has found love again and is beaming to share her newfound joy and happiness with her new partner. So let's just say everyone has moved on and is clearly happier. 

Black Coffee's said to be 'new girl' is a 29-year-old, who shot to fame as a contestant on season four of the reality show Love Island.

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