Lerato Moloi wants justice over alleged rape by comedian

Lerato Moloi wants justice over alleged rape by comedian

The actress and model says she will not be backing down until justice is served.

Lerato Moloi

Lerato Moloi, who is an actress and model, has released a statement in which she emphasised that she will not be silenced for the rape allegations she has levelled against comedian, Mongezi 'Tol Ass Mo' Mahlangu.

Moloi claims that she was sexually assaulted and raped by the comedian while working on a television production in Paarl, Western Cape, in 2014.

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In the statement, she said in part: "In the past two month’s I have been served with letters from his attorneys to remove my tweets. A protection order was then applied for against me along with an interim order demanding that I delete my tweets and effectively attempting to silence me just after I found my voice to speak about my experiences. This culminated in an arrest warrant being issued against me and my subsequent imprisonment." 

She further explained that it has been difficult dealing with the trauma and she has been battling to find the courage and support to speak up.

"I too, have finally found the strength and courage to speak out and seek justice," she said.

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Read the full statement below:

According to reports, Moloi's lawyer has revealed that they will be attending court on August 17.

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