Keri's Couch: A 16-year-old who is smashing gender binary barriers

Keri's Couch: A 16-year-old who is smashing gender binary barriers

For Women's Month, Keri Miller has taken things up a notch by profiling awe-inspiring women from all walks of life. Meet Alexa, a 16-year-old who has never been confused about who she is.


"My next guest on Keri's Couch is the epitome of strength, success, of breaking (not breaking) but SMASHING barriers and doing so at such a young age," Keri starts off the interview. 

By now we know that Keri is the queen of intros!

Born a male, in what she describes as 'the wrong body', 16-year-old Alexa tells Keri that she knew from the tender age of three that she wanted to be a woman. 

"Walking around in my mom's high heels and her nightgowns. And prancing down the hallway with my friend. Looking in the mirror and thinking "this is me"... wearing a scarf on my head, pretending it is long hair, I mean, I knew it from the very beginning," she explains.

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As a transgender, Alexa does not identify with the gender she was assigned at birth. Although her mother named her Alexandra at birth, the beauty of it all (for her) is that her parents are very supportive. 

Keri and Alexa spoke about the many challenges that she faces in everyday life, especially bullying. They also discussed her desire to undergo surgery, how she navigates through life, and, of course; dating. Should a transitioned transgender tell their partner about their past?

Listen to the full, inspirational interview below:

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Catch up with uThisha Sky Tshabalala as he teaches us some useful isiZulu words we can use to compliment women this month of August. One word we want to use to describe Alexa is "remarkable". Teacher Sky teaches us how to pronounce this word in his latest podcast. Listen  below:

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