WATCH: Cash-in-transit driver skillfully dodges AK-47 gunmen – A parody

WATCH: Cash-in-transit driver tactfully dodges gunmen in attempted heist – A parody

Leo Prinsloo, cash-in-transit driver, recently had a video of him and colleague, Lloyd Mthombeni go viral. He calmly and courageously steered them clear of an attempted heist. 

Darren and Sky heist parody

After evading the multiple shots aimed at their cash-in-transit truck, Leo Prinsloo has been applauded internationally for his composure and how he swiftly preserves him and his colleague of the traumatic and dangerous situation. 

The failed heist that took place in Pretoria was fortunately recorded by the truck's dash cam and for once the public gets a glimpse of a real life scene conveying what cash-in-transit officers experience in their line of work. 

Darren Maule and Sky Tshabalala decided to recreate the scene with a parody video. Let this be an ode to the courageous CIT officers all over the world but most importantly here, Leo Prinsloo.

We had a little fun with it and recorded a parody video of the intense scene. 

Main Image Courtesy of East Coast TV

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