"It is a much more complicated conversation than a money problem" - on Elon's $6 billion

"It is a much more complicated conversation than a money problem" - on Elon's $6 billion

Money is money, right?

World Hunger?

This morning we had a chat with Chief of Party Catholic Relief Services, Dan Rooney regarding the trending topic of World Hunger. 

The challenge was for Elon Musk to donate $6 billion to the UN in order to alleviate World Hunger by the head of the United Nations’ World Food Programme David Beasley.

POLL: Will Elon Musk's $6-billion donation solve world hunger?

In mid-2021, a severe drought in southern Madagascar caused hundreds of thousands of people, with some estimating more than one million people, to suffer from food insecurity and being on the verge of famine. 

Some organizations have attributed the situation to the impact of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having worked on the biggest famine disasters back in Madagascar, he gives an honest opinion whether this $6 billion will make a difference. 

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The honest truth is that there are definitely other structures that leave people without access to food - jobs, transport etc. 

So yes, it might just make a difference but the debate should rather be on looking at these issues that are the foundation of world crises like famine and hunger. 

This obviously does not erase the importance and effectiveness of sharing what you have a s person with the community. Doing your part in just sharing warmth and love when you can is enough. You cannot save the entire world. 



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