KZN has decided who should take the blame for Ballito Rage super-spreader event

KZN has decided who should take the blame for Ballito Rage super-spreader event

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Ballito Rage

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The week kicked off with the news that Ballito Rage has been confirmed as a COVD-19 super-spreader event, with a record amount of positive coronavirus test results being traced back to the Matric holiday celebrations.

Carol decided to address the elephant in the room: Who should take responsibility for these consequences? The teens, the parents, or the event organisers?

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Speaking of troublesome kids and parenting stuff...

This week on #BadMomsClub, one mother desperately needed advice on how to control her tantrum-throwing toddler (who always chooses a very public setting).

And our resident parenting coach and expert Ayanda Tetyana gave some of the best advice Carol has ever heard!

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And finally, Carol got to catch up with Sanele Sithole, who you might know as Sun-El Musician!

The born-and-bred KZN DJ and producer is making waves locally and internationally, but this weekend he's back on his home turf and ready to put on a show:

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But there have been too many great moments this week, we can't possibly mention them all.

You can go ahead and listen to the rest right here:

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