WATCH: Man arrested after climbing on and falling off airplane's wing

WATCH: Man arrested after climbing on and falling off airplane's wing

Ever wondered what would happen if you were to climb on an airplane's wing? Well, one man wanted to find out so he just decided to wing it...

Man on plane wing

We all know the assumptions that tend to be made about Las Vegas.

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Generally, you would head to the city for a weekend filled with parties (maybe you're celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or an upcoming wedding), extravagance, and a handful of questionable decisions.

In any Las Vegas-based movie ever, the terrible decisions made in this city are the fuel that gets everything going.

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Again, these are just stereotypes and ideas that people have about the area. Not everything in Las Vegas is super wild.

But if a situation like this were to present itself, we might not be too surprised when we find out it happened in Vegas.

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There are still many questions being asked surrounding the incident of the man on the airplane's wing, but this is what we do know:

An unidentified man allegedly jumped over the fence surrounding the grounds and was filmed climbing onto the wing of the Alaska Airlines flight.

He decided to do so right before the plane was set to take off but during his escapades, he refused to come down, took off his shoes and socks, and threw them to the ground.

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You can watch the video right here:

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The man ended up falling off the wing and was immediately handcuffed and placed under arrest.

There has been no update on whether the man sustained any serious or minor injuries, although according to passengers on the plane, the man seemed to be coherent and awake before being removed from the tarmac.

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This being something you don't see every day, other passengers were quite shocked, but also tried to find the humour in the situation:

Clearly what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas.

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