A wife loses her wedding ring in the snow and asks Cape Town for help

A wife loses her wedding ring in the snow and asks Cape Town for help

Esmarie Visagie was innocently playing in the snow in the Matoorsberg Mountains in Cape Town when she lost her wedding ring.

Playing in the snow a woman loses her wedding ring and asks Cape Town to help her find it
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Weddings bring about happiness, it is surrounded with love and hope and joy. For many couples, it is about uniting their love and becoming one. It's all about the ring, about the wedding cake, the time that you spend marking this day with family. 

It's also about tradition, holding on to what our families have blessed us with, it's about sharing our memories and creating new ones. When it comes to the ring, not everyone gets it. It's not just about the size or the carat, it's about the sentimentality that it holds. 

When it comes to this story, Esmarie Visagie from Cape Town was enjoying the snow at the Matoorsberg Mountains and then something happened that she didn't expect. The moments of childhood play turned into a stressful situation for both Esmarie and her family. 

She lost her wedding ring!

As much as that immediately takes you to the fact that she was concerned because it was her wedding ring, but it was more than that. The wedding ring wasn't just a symbol of the love that her husband and her shared. The ring was an heirloom from her grandmother and was extremely special to her.

Esmarie approached The Cape {town} Etc community to ask them for their help. The writer who wrote her story, Ashleigh Nefdt, shared that when she first heard Esmarie's story, she thought it could be a long shot. But then she thought, "hey, I thought, maybe magic does happen in real life, if we give it a chance." (The Cape Town Etc. Website)

In true South African spirit, "The Cape {town} Etc community was quick to the rescue, with people sharing Esmarie’s story and took to suggesting avenues of help." (Cape Town Etc. Website)

Ashleigh was so excited to announce that Esmarie contacted her during the week to share some happy news. 

What a way to end this story, it shows that happy endings do exist. Imagine the ring that was made for her with pieces of jewellery from family and her grandmother, found by her grandmother...

It's a lovely way to end of the week. Esmarie thanked the Cape Town community for all their help and suggestions and is happy to be reunited with her ring. 

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