A funky 'emergency' wedding ring for Darren Maule

A funky 'emergency' wedding ring for Darren Maule

What do you do when you forget your wedding band but need the world to know you're taken? You get creative...

Darren ring
Darren Maule

The newly-married Darren Maule is still getting used to the ring life. It has been almost three weeks of marriage since he and Anna Kelly wed in an intimate ceremony at their home. When he forgot his ring at home because of an early outside broadcast at Westville Junction, he made a plan. 

We leave a couple of things at home when we rush out, sometimes our lunch, phone, keys, and wedding bands. If you have not seen it yet, click here to see his actual wedding ring. It is a shiny black tungsten ring that he enjoys the sound of when touching surfaces. 

"You just always remember that you're taken," he continually reminds Sky. 

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We would like to also thank Crazy Store that he was still able to the show other ladies at Westville Junction that he is taken. 

It fits almost as perfectly as the silky looking tungsten, no? What do you think? 

Darren ring

Have a look at the beautiful couple celebrate their one week "Annaversary", as Darren calls it: 

Love lives in the Kelly-Maule household! 


Main Image Courtesy: @darrenmaule

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