Man proposes after hiding ring in a KFC meal

Man proposes after hiding ring in a KFC meal

A man went down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him as she rips open a KFC biscuit to find an engagement ring.

KFC Proposal

Proposals are always an incredibly special moment in a couple’s relationship. It’s a moment that pushes them into a new chapter in their relationship so, naturally, many go above and beyond to plan a romantic moment before getting down on one knee. One proposal, however, is going viral after a woman found an engagement ring hidden in her KFC meal.

TikTok user @higbogg shared the moment his girlfriend discovered an engagement ring in the KFC biscuit, a sort of scone that is served with meals in various locations around the world.

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The duo are seen enjoying a picnic at the park with several KFC box meals around them before the man asks his girlfriend to take a photograph of her holding the biscuit. The woman takes out the biscuit, pulls it apart, and finds the engagement ring hidden in the confection.


@kentuckyfriedchicken she said yes!

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Laughing hysterically, the man asks his girlfriend if she would marry him. "Are you kidding me?" the woman says in shock before the man reveals that “she said YES!”

Naturally, the clip has gone viral on social media, with many praising the man’s unique proposal idea and the woman’s ability to laugh through the ridiculous gesture and focus on the love for her boyfriend instead. 

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"This is the most genuine proposal reaction I've seen. I wouldn't smile and cover my mouth - I'd scream and ask if it was a joke," one user wrote. "KFC should make a commercial of this,” another added.

After popular demand, the couple posted a follow-up video posing in various pictures - with one hilariously showing the woman with her diamond ring and a KFC chicken fillet in hand.


I never thought that I would be proposing to the girl of my dreams with a KFC biscuit.

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Image courtesy: TikTok

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