Maule Wedding 411: Darren spills all the details

Maule Wedding 411: Darren spills all the details about his surprise wedding

Darren Maule and Anna Kelly are finally Mr and Mrs! He shares the fine details of how he pulled it off with only two weeks of planning.

Darren Wedding
Darren Maule

So, our favourite couple has now became Mr & Mrs Maule! 

Darren has been hinting marriage and wedding for the past month! He and Anna Kelly finally tied the knot on Friday June 11, 2021 in an intimate gathering at their North Coast home. 

As we head into the third wave of COVID 19, Darren surprised his love on bended knee, ring in hand  on Thursday evening and 22 hours later with just 6 witnesses, the beautiful couple said their ‘ I dos’ as the sun went down. Romantic? We think so.

Darren Maule and his Anna Banana’s love story has had us all captivated since the beginning and to wake up to the happy announcement that they have made their love story even more official has given us all the feels.

Congratulations Darren and Anna. You make us all believe in love! 

Take a look at some of the snaps from the beautiful, intimate ceremony: 

Darren Wedding
Darren Maule
Darren Wedding
Darren Maule
Darren Maule

Darren hinted twice that a wedding might be on the way. The first time here: 

The second time he hinted, it probably sunk in that he was ready! 

A closer look at Anna's gorgeous ring...

Darren Wedding
Darren Maule
Anna ring
Darren Maule

We wish the Maule's a beautiful journey together and we can't wait to see your love for each other continue to grow.

Bookmark this page because we're going to update it with more beautiful moments and definitely tune in to Darren Keri Sky on Monday from 6am to hear all  about this wonderful cermony.

UPDATE ALERT!                                                                                     UPDATE ALERT!                                                                               UPDATE ALERT! 

It's Monday morning and Darren shared the finer details of how he was able to pull of the wedding without absolutely anyone but himself knowing. Keri and Sky are a tad bit disappointed that they were not part of the intimate gathering. 

Some highlights: 

- He knew already by the time he proposed that he was going to have the wedding the next day. 

- His parents also were not aware of what he planned. 

- Even the decor and the photographer found out it was a wedding on the day, Friday 11 June 

- The catering had no idea what the food was for but found out on social media

He shares more details about how he pulled the romantic and intimate wedding without a single soul knowing: 

The newly-married Maule shares pin his favourite form of storytelling - reels - the journey from the engagement to the wedding


Main Image Courtesy: Darren Maule 

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