WATCH: Nicole Richie's 40th birthday was lit... literally!

WATCH: Nicole Richie's 40th birthday was lit... literally!

When blowing out your candles and your wish is so fiery that even the light wants to be one with you...

WATCH: Nicole Richie's 40th birthday was lit...literally!
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Birthday celebrations are always memorable, in various ways. It either ends in drama or with some sort of highlight to the evening...

Whatever it is, let's just say that generally the celebrations get less dramatic as your age rises. But not always, and to be honest we love it. Who wants to have a party that no one remembers, you always want to be the topic of discussion, it's how you stay relevant.

Nicole Richie has always been quite a contentious celebrity, making headlines for something or the other. But as she has gotten older, she has been quieter and we love her for being part of the original headliners, pre Kardashian...

But with that being said, she recently celebrated her 40th birthday and things got hot and heavy when she posted a video on her Instagram account showing her blowing out her candles...

WATCH the video below (courtesy of Instagram):

Many other celebs commented on her post wishing her happy birthday and checking in if she is okay. The likes of Ellen Pompeo, Kelly Rowland, Kerry Washington, Amy Schumer, Katy Perry and more sent messages.

"According to Entertainment tonight, The Simple Life star was also helped by her friends and family, who had joined her for the celebrations, and no one was seriously hurt in the incident." (MSN)

Nicole Richie has previously shared that she enjoyed shooting 'The Simple Life'. 

"The TV star appeared in the hit show alongside Paris Hilton, and she enjoyed that it never became overly intrusive." (MSN)

We are just glad that she is happy that she can still turn up the heat...Happy birthday Nicole! 

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