Five Things You Need To Know As You Wake Up: A cyber attack compromises African Bank customers

Five Things You Need To Know As You Wake Up: A cyber attack compromises African Bank customers

They confirmed that one of its appointed professional debt recovery partners was targeted by cybercriminals. 

Cyber attack

This may be the last working day of the week for most of you, we hope you enjoy your 'pseudo-Friday', as Darren would call. Here are some of today's headline stories to get you on track with what is happening in the country and across the world. 

There has unfortunately been a security breach at African Bank

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Personal data, including that of a number of African Bank loan customers under debt review, has been compromised after a cyber attack on debt collector Debt-IN. A “robust” mitigation plan has been implemented by Debt-IN to contain and reduce any further adverse impact. If you are affected, you would have received an SMS or email informing you.

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"Why has dead fish been washing up on North Coast Beaches?" 

Well, a report by the Marine & Estuarine Research (MER) ecological consultancy has provided an explanation for the mass fish kill. The discovery is that it was the result of “osmotic shock” when the nearby estuary was breached. 

Basically, freshwater fish get washed into the ocean and can't survive. 

So, this specific incident is not related to a chemical spill. 

Dead fish

WATCH: Usher dances to Kabza De Small’s song

Kabza De Small has been Apple Music’s most-streamed SA artist since the global music platform made its debut in the country six years ago. His regular collaborator, DJ Maphorisa, lands in second place, while KZN rapper Nasty C takes the third spot. Gospel group Joyous Celebration and Afrikaans band Spoegwolf round off the top five for the most-streamed SA artists of all-time.

Kabza De Small

SAA will resume flights from today. So we’ll have some more options when traveling. The airline said it will have three daily domestic flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town. No word on a Durban/Cape Town or Durban/Johannesburg flight yet. 

SAA Airlines

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Nicole Richie was celebrating her 40th birthday and has now shared a video of her hair catching fire right as she blew out her birthday candles. She captioned the video, "Well... so far 40 is" then the fire emoji.

You can watch that video right here: 

That's today's stories for you! 

Now go make the most of this long weekend!

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