SEE: "Spider-Man saved my son's birthday cake!"

SEE: "Spider-Man saved my son's birthday cake!"

A father posts a pic of Spider-Man saving his son's birthday cake and it goes viral...

SEE: "Spiderman saved my son's birthday cake!"

Social media influencers will tell you that it takes being consistent and posting content to get you noticed online. Or at least that's what we think when it comes to going viral and getting noticed.

But we think that there isn't really a formula to it, it's all about taking something that you find interesting and giving it a go. And that's exactly what this Soweto dad did when he decided to post a pic of a cake crashing with Spider-Man at the top of it. 

With the upcoming release of the new Spider-Man movie, we think he couldn't have picked a better time to share the pic. The pic was inspired by the release of the new trailer for the movie and Boshielo said he took it from Facebook, and realised that it didn't have a caption. 

Check out his creativity at work below (courtesy of Twitter):

On that note, we thought what better time than now to share the 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' trailer with you. 

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