WATCH: It's your birthday and your stepmother blows out your candles, what do you do?

WATCH: It's your birthday and your stepmother blows out your candles, what do you do?

What's the best part of celebrating your birthday? Blowing out the candles and making a wish, of course...

Your stepmother blows out your birthday cake candles
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Birthdays are meant to be special, a whole day that is completely dedicated to celebrating your life. The day you were born is something symbolic, it means something different to each person. Some people place an enormous amount of value on their birthdays and love to be spoilt, while others try to not bring attention to the fact that they are one year older. 

But to each their own. Whatever your idea is surrounding birthdays, we think that birthdays are special, and everyone should be made to feel special on their day. Ideally, it is a day to reflect, to feel the love of family and friends, and to appreciate where you are in life. 

However, there are moments where there are 'special' circumstances that take place and you end up feeling deflated. Well, we are not sure of the backstory of this particular situation, but we sure feel for this birthday girl. 

In a video posted to TikTok, we see a birthday celebration taking place at what seems to be a restaurant. You can see a happy birthday girl and a beautiful birthday cake with long candles on it, lit and ready for her to make her wish. Because, traditionally, the birthday person blows out the candles and makes a birthday wish. 

But in the midst of the excitement, something unexpected happens and the look that was captured says a lot...

Check out the video below (courtesy of TikTok):


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In a Twitter video posted by the birthday girl, whose name is Mandy, it seems there was a lot of unrest amongst the family about the post, while social media users came to Mandy's defence. 

One Twitter user asked why the stepmom blew her candles out, and Mandy replied: “Literally unprovoked… she’s just rude.” (Twitter)

"There was a lot of discourse on how there was a deeper meaning to the video where oftentimes foreign stepmothers feel in competition with their stepdaughter, and I think that is important to address." (Mandy on Daily Dot)

We're glad that the video got people addressing a bigger issue that many Asian families deal with when it comes to stepparents. And perhaps this is an eye opener for non-Asian stepparents and parents as well. 

There is no need to compete, it's all about coming to a point of cooperation that allows everyone to feel heard and acknowledged. 

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