Two influencers are feuding... and it involves the names of their babies

Two influencers are feuding... and it involves the names of their babies

Clearly no-one here is putting baby in the corner...

Sasha Benz and Jessica Hart
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While "baby" has always been a term of endearment, it is also what one would call a human who has just entered the world.

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So generally you would name your child something else.

Like Joey, Ayanda, Harry, maybe even Karen.

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But would you call your baby, Baby?

And would you fight with your best friend about BOTH of you calling your babies, Baby?

You probably answered no to at least one of these questions.

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Well, BFF's Jessica Hart, an Australian model, and Sasha Benz, founder of the blog 'All My Friends Are Models', are not on the best of terms after news of the matching baby names came to light.

But let's explain the situation:

Sasha and her husband named their daughter, born in 2018, Baybi Blue Benz.

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Now, years later, Hart and her fiance welcomed their own daughter into the world in November 2020 and decided to call her Baby. (Full name Baby-Rae Kirkham)

She explained in an interview with People magazine that they fell in love with the name after watching 'Dirty Dancing'.

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The age difference of both kids is what had set off the initial upset, with Sasha allegedly feeling destroyed over the fact that one of her close friends could do this to her.

All while Hart is quoted as jokingly saying: "We are calling her Baby, but don’t worry — it’s spelt differently!".

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While many have speculated that the two moms are no longer on speaking terms, they are very much still involved in each other's lives.

There definitely was a time where the relationship was strained, but the two have chosen to put it behind them as there are "more important things to care about in life."

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We might not know how things work in model/influencer-land, but as far as we know, there are quite a few people in the world who share the same name.

And while some of our namesakes might not always do us proud, can you just imagine the chaos that would ensue if no-one were to use the name Paul or Mandy ever again?

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Let's leave the super creative baby names to the celebs.

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