Mom spent R150,000 on only herself for Christmas

Mom spent R150,000 on only herself for Christmas

Influencer Carla Bellucci refused to spend a single dime on her kids during the festive season, and she has revealed her reason why.

Carla Bellucci

During this festive time, and throughout the year, parents like to keep their children in check by telling them that naughty boys and girls will not receive gifts, but rather some dirty coal.

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But luckily most parents never really follow through with the threat.

Although this year one mother took this to a whole new level by just not giving her kids any gifts.

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While this year has been financially tough on many families, this was not the case with the Bellucci family, instead, it was just a choice Carla made for a "no gift COVID Christmas" while spending a massive amount of money on herself.

She spent more than R150,000 on everything from veneers to Botox, manicures, facials, and more.

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She claims that she wants to be like Kris Jenner, and push her kids to become TikTok and Instagram famous, so in the end, they can buy their own gifts.

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Carla also said the spoils she bought herself were a necessity because the lockdown was hard on her so she wanted to treat herself and she has also had to keep up appearances for her OnlyFans career.

This is not the first time Carla has received backlash; last year she faked having depression to receive a free nose job from the NHS (England's universal health care system).

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People were furious then, and they are once again questioning her parenting style.

Parents should do what they feel is best for their children at the end of the day, and parents definitely deserve to be spoiled, but this might be a bit excessive.

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