'Skins' hoo-ha: Five other movies which caused a stir

'Skins' hoo-ha: Five other movies which caused a stir

Movies have the power to inspire and uplift people - they also have the power to freak us all out to the point of no return. Here is a list of the latter.

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By now you would have heard about the rather, uhm, interesting movie called 'Skins' on Netflix. You can read all about it HERE if you missed it.

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While we all love a good romcom or action movie, the reality is that cinema history contains a darker element which often causes quite the stir.

'Skins' is the latest addition to the macabre side of the world of movies, but it certainly isn't the first to create debate and leave people cringing.

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Below we list five movies which left viewers with all sorts of feelings:


Many of you will know director Kevin Smith for his creations such as 'Clerks', 'Mallrats', and 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back'. What you may not know him for is his really, really, really weird film, 'Tusk'. Starring Justin Long as the lead character, things get strange very quickly in this 2014 release.

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'The Human Centipede'

This Dutch horror film is all kinds of weird, crazy, and nauseating. For those who have seen it, you will agree that you kind of wish you hadn't. The movie has gained a cult following over the years and has been banned in many countries for its graphic content.

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'Battle Royale'

This Japanese film is 'The Hunger Games' meets gruesome violence. Germany banned the film for being just a little OTT (we are being generous), while those who have watched it will agree that it is a bit too much to handle. Like 'The Human Centipede', 'Battle Royale' has a huge cult following and, as a result, has seen the movie become a big success, despite the warnings that people should not watch it...

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'Cannibal Holocaust'

You know a movie has hit the wrong notes when the director is charged with obscenity. That's what happened to Ruggero Deodato in Milan, Italy following the release of the film in 1980. A large number of countries still have 'Cannibal Holocaust' on their banned list. In 2001, an edited version of the film was released in the United Kingdom, creating a lot of buzz and even more anger.

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'Faces of Death'

When a movie creates a real-life copycat who commits murder, you know this is something to avoid. The 1978 release has been described by The Guardian as "one of the most depraved films ever". It is all kinds of wrong and has been banned across the globe as a result.

Disclaimer: This is not a list of movie recommendations, but rather a list of movies you should steer clear of if you are of a sensitive disposition or prefer to be entertained and not horrified.

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