These are the WORST pizzas we have ever seen!

These are the WORST pizzas we have ever seen!

It's National Pizza Week and although everyone has their own pizza preferences, some are considered delicious hits while others are very questionable misses.

Kiwi pizza

The global pizza market makes an estimated $145-billion in annual sales every year.

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It's clear that people all over the world love grabbing a cheesy slice!

From classic Margherita to a meat-lovers dream, pizza toppings are what make or break a mouthwatering dish.

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Although there have been some MAJOR pizza-related debates, there is one that has consistently stood out head and shoulders above the rest...

Pineapple on pizza.

While not everyone might agree with this specific choice of topping, Carol Ofori has done an internet deep dive and found some pizza pies that are without a doubt worse!

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Pineapple lovers and haters unite and stand together against these pizza abominations:

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What is a "Pastel breakfast pizza"?

Kit Kat Pizza from r/WTF

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This is one that would be considered everything-but-the-kitchen-sink:

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Although people might enjoy some of these questionable toppings, you might still be able to look past that because everyone has different tastes.

But there are other ways you could ruin the dish:

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One woman even called out her own husband for his pizza-eating ways - and we have to agree with her!

Carol decided that she has not had enough and wanted to find out what controversial pizza toppings KZN enjoys.

Take a listen below to hear some of the most shocking answers:

For more unmissable Carol Ofori moments, listen here:

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