WATCH: Adorable little girl learning to speak isiZulu sings along to 'Jerusalema'

WATCH: Adorable little girl learning to speak isiZulu sings along to 'Jerusalema'

Is there anything as heartwarming as a little kid singing and jamming along to their favourite song?

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Nicole Ducler Des Rauches/Facebook

Every day we see terrible things happening in the world around us and there seems to be a never-ending flow of bad news.

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Sometimes all we need is something small to remind us of all the good things.

Everybody can do with some feel-good content, that is just wholesome through and through.

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Whether it's the funny things they say or the innocent yet hilarious things they get up to, kids can definitely brighten up anyone's day and turn some frowns upside down.

That's exactly what happened when Nicole Ducler Des Rauches shared a video of her two-year-old singing her heart out to Master KG's now-iconic hit, 'Jerusalema'.

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Her father was able to capture the moment his daughter started singing and dancing along to the local tune.

According to Nicole, he has been teaching their daughter isiZulu every day and it's clear that she is quickly getting the hang of the language as she confidently sings along.

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Since she's already such a star in the making, we have no doubt that people will be saying her name soon enough!

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Main image courtesy of Nicole Ducler Des Rauches/Facebook

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